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Informieren Sie sich über die letzten Neuigkeiten über QPR Prozessmining und Prozess BI. Lassen Sie sich aufzeigen wo die Möglichkeiten und Chancen für Ihr Unternehmen sind mit dieser patentierten Technologie von QPR die Prozesseketten in Ihrem Unternehmen zu optimieren und das Resultat zu verbesserrn.




Das sagen QPR Kunden über uns und die QPR Produkte….

“We are committed to continuous process improvement and QPR ProcessAnalyzer has enabled us to do just that easily and effectively. It has saved valued time for our organizations by quickly pinpointing the development areas.” 

Process Development Manager – manufacturer of electronic measurement systems for the global market


“With the process facts in front of you, there is no denying where you need to put your focus and efforts. This is exactly what QPR ProcessAnalyzer delivered.” 

IT and Business Process Development Director – international construction company


“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we gained vital access to facts telling the true performance of our processes and a tool that delivers everything in one package for process analysis. For us this means significant reduction in manual work with consistent and comparable analysis.” 

Business Analyst – consumer lending company in South Africa


“We were able to see the whole Ad Hoc Service process with QPR ProcessAnalyzer. Without the data and the product we wouldn’t have been able to discover the reasons behind the process bottlenecks.” 

Chief Information Officer – Pan-Nordic construction company