QPR Processmining and Process-BI

QPR Processmining and Process-BI with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

QPR and Fovea have jointly developed a Service called Processmining and Dataexcellence (PDE). It utilizes a new real time approach to process discovery and the subsequent elimination of process errors in business.

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Financially measurable benefits are gained, for example, by ensuring that all the products and services sold are invoiced, or that working capital is released.  PDE is based on real events in the company’s enterprise resource planning, which are formed into process descriptions automatically.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer provides process professionals accurate insight into the actual state of operational processes, allowing them to pinpoint improvement efforts and speed up process improvement.

PA Cycle


Data retrieval

  • Selecting the process(es)
  • Data is retrieved from the corporate enterprise resource planning system
  • Data is run through the analyser
  • A big picture of the corporate IT environment is formed


  • Process graphs are drawn
  • Errors and their causes are analysed
  • Variance is analysed
  • The business case is calculated with required measures prioritised
  • A decision is made about implementation



  • The errors are eliminated in order of priority
  • Analysis and actions are repeated
  • Continuous monitoring is constructed
  • Skills and practices are constructed

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