QPR Performance Management Software

Monitor and achieve your goals.

Unified management of your organization’s performance

Due to its flexible nature, QPR Performance Management Software – QPR Metrics – can be used for a multitude of performance management initiatives, including Balanced Scorecard, ISO 9001, Lean Six Sigma, Business Activity Monitoring, COSO ERM, Personnel Motivation, Project Portfolio Management and many more.

Performance Management is a must for monitoring and achieving success, but it can become a challenging task when a multitude of home-made systems and Excel reports no longer support your growing business and organization. To reach optimal results in your strategic, employee or process performance, you need one solution that engages the whole organization.

For Performance Management, QPR Metrics provides the ideal platform for consolidating your portfolio of different management-level performance reporting tools into one scalable, user-friendly and easy to maintain business performance solution. You can automate your data collection, consolidation, monitoring and reporting to effectively set clear and achievable targets. These can be easily communicated via dashboards to engage employees to actively participate in your organization’s performance improvement. Furthermore with the help of QPR Metrics you can link your risk or process management activities to your overall performance management solution.

Performance Management with QPR:

  • Quickly implement your performance management with a rich collection of templates
  • Manage multiple initiatives (operations, finance, strategy, human resources, suppliers and projects) and organization levels (group, division, unit, team, individual) on one platform
  • Shorten performance review reporting cycles
  • Improve transparency to performance status and ongoing improvement initiatives
  • Feed performance management data to strategy execution

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