26. März 2016

First Time Right – Aiming For 100%

von Marja Rajamäki – Busines Development QPR Software

Für alle Leaners ist First Time Right ein vertrautes Konzept. Wenn Ihr Input für einen Prozess 100 ist und der Output auch 100 ist, beträgt der Prozentsatz für das First Time Right 100%. Wenn Sie jedoch bei einem Input von 100 einen Prozessoutput von 98 erhalten, beträgt der Prozentsatz für das First Time Right nur 98%. Ganz einfach, oder? Das First Time Right-Konzept kann auch im Process Mining angewendet werden.

Bei unseren Kunden haben wir festgestellt, dass die Nutzung des „First Time Right“ Konzepts als KPI sehr vorteilhaft ist und auch das Kommunizieren der Ziele einfacher wird. Das Konzept ist vor allem in der Six Sigma-Domäne bekannt, aber es ist auch vom Namen her einfach zu verstehen, wir sollten versuchen alles beimersten Mal richtig zu machen – The First Time Right.


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20. March 2018

STARK achieves visibly better business processes with QPR

STARK is the largest retailer and distributor of building materials in the Nordic region. Over the years, STARK grew for decades to reach the status of market leader while its internal manuals, best practices, and IT support struggled to keep up with expanding business. As a result, it became increasingly difficult to get a good understanding of how business processes worked and were supported by IT structures.

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21. February 2018

Improve your Insurance Claim Process with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Handling Insurance Claims is a daily process in the insurance domain and a high volume of claims are handled on the high corporate level, which in turn produces large amounts of transactional data. Using QPR ProcessAnalyzer, this data can be analyzed to gain an understanding what occurs in the claims process and how it is performing.

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08. February 2018

QPR delivers process mining software to a global medical device company’s European Business unit

QPR Software’s latest customer is a leading medical device company delivering high-quality products to its customers.

This customer chose QPR because of the powerful and versatile functionality of QPR ProcessAnalyzer and QPR’s technical expertise in SAP eco-system as well as extensive experience in process mining. The customer uses process mining to increase the efficiency of core processes in procurement and order management. QPR ProcessAnalyzer supports organizations to continuously improve processes by automatically visualizing real process flows based on SAP data, revealing exceptions and bottlenecks, and offering up-to-date process KPIs for management. The software also offers the possibility to proactively reduce and avoid process exceptions with artificial intelligence.

“This wonderful new deal solidifies our position as the leading player in the process mining market. We look forward to a successful co-operation with the newest member of our ever-growing clientele,” says Jari Jaakkola, CEO of QPR Software.

The deal consists of QPR ProcessAnalyzer cloud service and an implementation project.

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For additional information, please contact:

Paul Vogler
Sales Director Special Projects
Fovea Solutions
Tel. +41 56 481 8040


13.December 2007

Patria Land Systems uses QPR ProcessAnalyzer to improve project management processes

Patria Land Systems uses a data-driven approach to visualize their project management processes and to identify key improvement focus areas. Patria Land Systems takes the advantage of unharnessed ERP system data to improve their operations.

„It is highly beneficial to visualize the project management processes from ERP data to have a foundation for process improvement.“

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Processmining – KPI On Time In Full

Wollten Sie schon immer wissen wie die Liefertreue im Unternehmen ist? In diesem aufgezeichneten Webinar erfahren Sie was der KPI „On time In Full“ oder OTIF ist und wie dieser zu Stande kommt. Sie werden staunen.


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