QPR Solutions Overview

With almost two decades of experience in managing transition driven by quality, risk, compliance, strategy or performance mandates, QPR and our partners worldwide are a reliable choice for world-class products, consulting expertise and honed project management skills. We provide you with solutions to better run your organization, outpace your competitors and make the right strategic decisions for achieving the success you seek, and maintaining that success

QPR┬áSolutions are based on our QPR ProcessGuide (process management) and QPR ScoreCard (performance management) software that offer a robust, flexible and highly-scalable basis. Both products are recognized by the world’s leading technology analyst firms as among the best in their respective markets. What differentiates us from “the rest of the best” is our continued focus on empowering your business users to achieve breakthrough results. Many of our customers have been awarded as best among their peers with quality, leadership, risk and balanced scorecard hall of fame awards – all of them testify that their choice for a QPR solution delivered an important contribution. In QPR you will always find a solution that does everything that the alternatives on your shortlist do. Just easier.

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